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Write Arabic math notation in different online platforms as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or LMS


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Mirroring - RTL mode

MathType provides Right to Left writing which also mirrors mathematical symbols to keep their mathematical meaning.

Numbers in Arabic languages

Due different regions in the Arabic countries use different notations for numbers, MathType provide to the users the ability to choose between Arabic-Indic and Eastern Arabic-Indic numbers.

Arabic numbers
Arabic ligatures

Variables ligatures

Arabic characters, when written together, are typographically joined with the so called ligatures.

Arabic notation for Office Tools

Microsoft 365 MathType Add-In for Microsoft 365
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Google Docs MathType for Google Workspace
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Arabic notation in Apps for Academic Institutions

Arabic notation in Integrations for Developers

oXygen XML Editor
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Read more about arabic notation on our documentation below.

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